Dream Builder Personal Power Premium Package


Dream Builder Personal Power Premium Package

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This 17-week program includes live sessions as well as guided audio and booklets. Full value $11,500.


The 10 Steps of Dream Building


Discovering Your Dream

Learning to listen and identify your longings and discontent.

Writing a list of what you want more of and what you want less of.


Designing and Testing Your Dream

Imagining and designing a written blueprint of a life you would love to live in four domains:

health, relationships, vocation, and time and money freedom.


Testing the dream with 5 questions:

Does imagining living my dream give me more LIFE?

Does this dream align with my CORE VALUES?

Will creating this dream cause me to GROW?

Does my dream require help from a HIGHER POWER, a help greater than my intellect?

Will creating this dream bring GOOD FOR OTHERS?


Deserving Your Dream

You are deserving because you are breathing.

Increasing the amount of good you will allow in your life.




Fear: Befriending Your Fear

Learning the source and meaning of fear.

Discovering that transformation of fear has nothing to do with getting fear to go away.

Learning to act in your own best interest even when afraid.


Lack: Welcoming a Greater Flow of Abundance

Developing an understanding of the invisible laws that govern supply.

Learning to activate the law of receiving through giving.


Perceptions: Evolving Your Perceptions

Successive re-patterning of perception, allowing more flow.




Listening to the Still, Small Voice

Learning to recognize the voice of inspired insight.

Activating more awareness and answers through the art of asking empowering questions.


Harnessing the power of believing

Understanding the definition and power of a true Partner in Believing.

Deciding for creating at least one true Partner in Believing.


Turning Failure Into a Stepping Stone

Discover the purpose of what is commonly called “failure.”

Learning to turn any failure from a stumbling block into a powerful stepping stone.




Harvesting Your Dream

Discovering the process of Building your Dream.

The real gift of Dream Building is way more than the dream you called into being.

The real gift is who YOU become in the process.